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Hurricane Ian Update

Hello to all friends, family, artists and our beloved patrons who are reading this announcement. We hope everyone is recovering a sense of normalcy in the wake of Hurricane Ian and the storm surge that has wreaked havoc on our lives. We are heartbroken about the "redesign" of our dear Sanibel Island after this epic hurricane blew on to our Florida shores on Wednesday, September 28th 2022.

The 100 year old beach house that is the Tower Gallery survived the storm and is intact, however, many artists and residents of the island have suffered loss and damage to their homes, studios and property. Since the Causeway Bridge to Sanibel was battered in the storm, it is now impassable.  Residents of Sanibel Island, including a few of our artists who live there, are going to be displaced and are making arrangements to live on the mainland of Florida for now.


The Tower Gallery artists living in communities on the SW Florida coast have all been affected by Hurricane Ian by flooding, wind damage, power outages, and limited phone and internet communications. Clean up efforts have been endless, exhausting and emotionally draining. And yet, despite these challenges, we all still have a longing to create. We are grateful for you and your patronage to Tower Gallery over the years. You have become admirers, collectors and friends to us all and for that we are humbled.


In the face of tragic circumstances, the human spirit rises to reset, renew, and reinvent ourselves and our realities. We will rebuild our communities to include the heartache and the hope, the loss and the light. Our creative force will continue to burn, and will grow brighter each day. You will be a witness to our shift of consciousness as we create in response to these events and continue to lift spirits with our art. We will continue Tower Gallery even though our old beach house will not be where you see our art for awhile. Each artist will offer work in our online shop and we will feature some of our planned events with a slightly different format (online). Our newsletters will keep you up to date on Tower Gallery happenings. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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