Marti Koehler

Colorful images of synchronized swimmers in pools, surfers at beaches, nostalgic moments captured, coastal flora and fauna… this is the visual language of Artist Marti Koehler. Growing up in South West Florida, Marti was always at the beach or at the YMCA pool as a kid. These memories of aqua water, sun baked days and
balmy nights inspire the art work in Marti’s collection. Each painting is approached with a mixed media exploration, and often continue past this to a more developed memory or thought. The Synchronized Swimmer series is inspired by Marti’s time in the pool as a girl. Theses playful mixed media pieces are primarily created to bring laughter and playfulness to the viewer- an attempt to bring levity to a world of negativity around us. Joyful and paradoxical, the swimmers group of synchronized swimmers is in a pool, poised above the water with giddy charm while, in contrast, they are churning below to stay afloat. Synchronized swimmers are used by Marti as a metaphor for the way people often present themselves on the outside (above the water) while sometimes hiding contradictory feelings of chaos as they churn internally (below the surface). The focus on synchronized swimmers satisfies Marti’s attempt to comment on the human condition, to meditate on the geometry of the figurative poses and the patterns created by using the figure in action as texture. Marti has a Master’s Degree in Art Education and Art Therapy and often combines this thinking to engage the viewer. The art of Marti Koehler includes a collection of paintings in oils, acrylics and mixed media pieces.