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"Art is his Life" Meet David Ruhe

The first amazing fact to learn about David is that he is a selftaught artist!

His Mom was an Impressionist, so he started painting at an early age. In fact, at the age of SIX he made a sketch and using his Mom’s paints, created a work of Dolphins Jumping. His Mom entered the piece in a contest and he WON!!!

That started him on his lifelong love of painting.

He has been inspired by the works of Dali, Caravaggio, Renoir and Carl Brenders.

I asked David how he sees the world and he said that he sees it with wonder and as a 3 dimensional painting that he is walking around in.

David’s art work is incredibly detailed and realistic. He loves nature and incorporates whimsical items and paintings into his work.

He currently sells only originals.

David and his wife Kristi(an interior designer) have lived on Sanibel for the past three years but they have lived in the surrounding area for a long time. In fact, he lived in Matlacha when it was still a fishing village.

David’s work is represented by galleries in Rhode Island, West Palm, Jupiter and Tower Gallery on Sanibel.

Look at the Amazing detail on this Bunny!

One of his works was commissioned by a woman for her 90 year old mother, to honor her life. It is a collage of some of her life’s events and pastimes. Take a look at this amazing piece! What appears to be photos are actually David’s paintings of the original photos. Mounted in an antique frame, Titled Virginia's Wish.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece created by David especially for you or a loved one, you may contact him through Tower Gallery, Sanibel

Here is a link to see more of David’s work...

Oh and he plays the violin!!!