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Inside the Magical, Fantastical Art of Katie Gardenia

Artists that imbue spirit, whimsy and magic are a gift to us all.

Textile & fiber artist Katie Gardenia has created a world she lets us into, as if inviting you to meet her family; her creations near and dear, her dolls, mermaids, sprites and sea creatures all of which captivate our imaginations.

"To fashion my handmade figures I use all natural materials, the patterns are drawn by hand, each being unique from the next one. The bodies have moving joints. I use human hair, dog hair, Llama hair and yarns for their crowning glory".

"Some of the techniques include knitting, needlework, crocheting, tatting, fabric painting and handmade felting."

One of the earliest and happiest memories of her childhood in San Antonio, Texas is when her great grandmother was teaching her crocheting and tatting, this was her first taste of working with textiles and was the beginning of her love for the fiber arts. Her great grandmother also taught her how to read tea leaves!

"I have created art for as long as I can remember, designing and sewing my own clothes in the 60's for myself and my daughter, studying rug hooking and becoming a devoted "HOOKER"!

Colorful fabrics, yarn, shells, beads are just a few of the materials that inspire Katie.

While she was in her 20's, Lady Bird Johnson commissioned Katie to design needlepoint seats with wildflower motifs for her dining room chairs.

Katie's resume reflects a life rooted in limitless creativity, she has forged a unique path and is a talented entrepreneur bridging business and art.

Her accomplishments include being a restauranteur, a pastry chef, a handbag designer-maker, book author, home decorator and fortune teller!

Katie is now a full time Textile Fiber artist, creating one-of-a-kind art dolls, faeries, mermaids and birds, unique knitted handbags, hooked rugs, felted dream pillows, hand-colored gift/greeting cards incorporating knitted elements.

Katie's talent is revealed in her nom de plume, Gardenia, a lovely flower, a symbol of joy and passion. Katie's unbounded creative energy is a passion and her creations bring joy.

When you view her work you can understand what a perfect choice this is for a very creative artist!

The Tower Gallery artist co-op is thrilled to have Katie Gardenia in the group.


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Kathi Barry
Kathi Barry
22 oct. 2020

You are amazing!

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