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The Work of Kathleen Dennison

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

“I like to think of myself as a visual narrator who instead of using words or images uses metals and gems to create a story…a feeling. I find inspiration from all that surrounds me, the shapes of a building, a pattern on the surface of a road, the delicate shape of a flower, even its sumptuous color, all can lead me to explorations and experimentation with metal on a journey to capture the essence and memory of being in a place, on that road smelling that flower.”

“Folding, Pleating and Fusing metal”

“I was fortunate to have studied with three talented wonderful women metalsmiths, Ruth Roach, Arline Fisch and Marne Ryan."

Kathleen’s husband, Robert Dennison, is also a metalsmith who works with her to create their jewelry. They fabricate the pieces using torches, hammers, pliers, gems and precious metals.

They create pieces that are well-constructed, original in design and lacking in commercialism. Kathleen and Robert have been part of the Tower Gallery for the past year where their work is on display and for sale.

Choreographer, Sharon Jenkins wearing Kathleen’s jewelry, at the 2018 Academy Awards at which her husband Richard Jenkins was nominated for best supporting actor for The Shape of Water. Sharon also wore Kathleen’s jewelry to the Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards.

“What a thrill to watch Sharon as her husband, Richard Jenkins, won an Emmy for his role in Olive Kitteridge in 2015 and they did a close up of my jewelry.”

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