4" x 6" Mini Metal Collectibles


Ready to Hang


Aluminum Metal Printing is an exciting photographic printing process with extraordinary results. Electrifying colors, extreme detail, and durability . Waterproof and scratch resistance Metal Prints make your favorite memories last a lifetime.


Metal Prints look great all by themselves. They do not need frames or matting or anything really. ... 


*All prints are pressed using the sublimation process, where the ink is heat pressed into the coating of our metal, not just printed on the surface, promising longevity for your Metal Print.


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Ballooning Mini Metal Print by Kathryn Seguin Photography

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  • I first picked up my REAL Camera about 4 years ago and it has lead me to great new adventures! I love capturing images that show you  the world from my perspective, hence the name KSPHOTOPERSPECTIVES.