Beach Yoga is a 5”x7” acrylic painting on thick canvas painted around the edges. It is ready to hang or be self standing on a flat surface...shelves and desks are perfect display areas.
Humans aren’t the only ones who do yoga!!
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Beach Yoga painting by Carole Nastars

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    In a world of much turmoil and many sadnesses I hope my colorful art will compel my viewers to appreciate the stunning joys (however small or fleeting) that each day presents at every stage of life. Creating works of art has been important to my life story since I was a child.  By the age of seven I was hanging my art from our clothesline for the neighbors to view for two pennies a tour.  An interest evolved into a passion and fortunately my parents supported the idea of an art career. Following a dynamic education in art at  Rochester Institute of Technology in New York I spent the next 30 years sharing my experiences  through teaching art.  Actively painting, drawing and displaying my art has continued since childhood and is increasingly exciting in these 'mature' years.  I still seek and find inspiration in everyday living that enables me to share my responses in a personal and colorful way. Enjoy! 

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