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Size: 36”W x 52” H
This fiber art cityscape was constructed from discarded jeans. The river, bridges, docks, and rail yards represent many populated areas where industry has flourished. Hand and machine stitching; paint. Lattice, wire, and sleeve are on the back for easy hanging. Free shipping in the US.
Please contact Sally with any questions:


“Blue Collar City” Fiber Art Cityscape by Sally Dutko

  • Free Shipping within the USA

  • Paint, splash, tear, dye, wrap, outline, sew, draw, assemble, cut, spray, glue, join, stretch, rip, repeat. Texture and color vie for leading roles in Sally’s art. A passion for surface design inspires her fiber explorations creating fabric collages and mixed-media wall hangings. Her daily tools: brilliant hand-dyed
    cottons and silks, mangled yarns, threads of all colors, twisted and sewn.

    As a Fine Arts graduate of Cooper Union in New York City, Sally worked as a graphic designer and art director in publications at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Using dyed and painted fabrics, her
    work addresses subjects through color, texture, line, pattern and typography. A full-time Floridian since 2015, residing in Fort Myers, Sally finds that the vegetation and wildlife here provide a vast amount of inspiration. She has received many awards, has shown work nationally, and has curated fiber arts exhibits.

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