"Fish Tails" by Charles Brown


40x10 inch Aluminum print Dye sublimation

1 inch wall hanging block.


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"Fish Tails" by Charles Brown

  • Free Shipping within the USA

  • Gyotaku by Charlie Brown

    "All fishermen are liars except you and me, and I'm not so sure about you." ~ Unknown

    Charlie Brown became interested in the folk art of Gyotaku because he is a fisherman. In Gyotaku, each fish is inked directly and an image is transferred onto paper. In Japan, before photography, fisherman used this method to take a "picture" of their large fish, proving the size of their catch. He says, "By printing fish, I do not intend to imply that I am not a liar, that would be lying, but I do hope you enjoy my art." Charlie grew up in Fort Myers, as did his father. He fishes out of his home in Shell Creek. To see all of Charlie's available artwork in our online shop, click here.