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Betsy Blu is a fluffy baby owl.  This painting was inspired by the burrowing owls we have here in SW Florida.  Even the adult owls are small reaching only about 9” high.  The babies are so cute and fluffy.  I painted Betsy using acrylics on a 24” x 24” x1 1/2” wrapped edge canvas.  There is a wire on the back so it’s ready to hang.

Kelly Morrison- Betsy Blu

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  • Kelly is from Ithaca, NY.  She moved to Cape Coral in 1994 where she discovered color!  From the bright sunshine to the colorful creatures of our aqua waters.  Kelly loves the tropical waters and all that surround it.  This is where she finds inspiration for her artwork.  From her painted wooden Timber Fish to paintings on canvas and her jewelry line Kelly's art is full of color and patterns found in nature. 

    Kelly owned a decorative painting and faux finishing company before concentrating on her smaller works. You will see how she layers paints, glazes and textures along with bright colors and whimsical subjects.  

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