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An original gemstone bracelet pivoting off of the incredible Lapis chunk surrounded by a story telling piece of Turquoise (the real thing) including aquamarine,  Herkimer diamonds from New York,pearls,  abalone, agate and a porcelain handmade bead. It is strung on a 1mm power cord, elastic allowing for a snug fit 6 1/4 "-7 1/4". Lay flat to store.

Ludmila Evans. Lapis, Pearl and Raw Turquoise Bracelet

  • Free Shipping and Insurance within the USA.

  • The work is referential to archetype and naturalism, clay the medium.

    The Artist was born in Czech and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Her education includes:

    • Cleveland Institute of Art

    • Blossom Kent, Kent State, Ohio

    • Temple Buell with

    • Wally Soderquist, Colorado

    • Tiqua Pueblo, Ceramics, El Paso, Texas

    • Alberta College of Art, Canada

    • Banff School of Fine Art

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