Artist Marti Koehler has always loved parrots, owls and coastal birds.  Sometimes, birds appear in Marti’s paintings. 


“The Two that Got Away” is a 10” x 10” original mixed media painting on panel, of 2 parakeets that lived in a large cage outside Marti’s studio at home.  The birds love fresh food and water and giant leaves from Marti’s garden. One day while carefully changing their accommodations, Marti realized that these two birds (Stratus and Limoncella) had escaped.  One of the many doors on the cage had been pushed open by a banana leaf stem.  Sadly for Marti, these mischievous muses seized their opportunity and flew away.  She painted these mixed media bird paintings to honor their stay with her, and their flight to a better life.  The painting is framed in a white frame and wired, ready to hang.  This can be hung on a wall or sit on a shelf or desk. 


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Mixed Media Painting, Marti Koehler, "The Two That Got Away"

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