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White Line Woodblock Printing Method

I start with a plain piece of pine cut to the desired dimensions. Once I determine how the design will be laid out on the block I either sketch the image directly on the block or transfer my image using carbon paper. Using an exacto knife I carve the outline of the image. I then register or attach my Arches printing paper to the carved block. I gently lift the paper up from the block and working in small areas I apply watercolor paint. I then flip the paper over the block and using a sterling silver spoon I rub the area that has just been painted. The image transfers to the paper. What makes this method so simple is you can apply different colors to one block. The result is a crisp while line outlining each design with beautiful, translucent, soft color.

Original White Line Wood Block Print Marianne Ravenna “Silver King, Tarpon”

PriceFrom $200.00
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