I pick flowers from my garden where I live on Sanibel Island, Florida.  I then press them in a flower press for 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the water content of the particular flowers. I use a sandwich like method using cardboard , layers of paper, flowers, layers of paper and finally cardboard. Depending on the size of my press I can do multiple layers of flowers.  Once the flowers are dry and I have a composition in mind I lay the flowers out on a piece of Arches printing paper. When I am satisfied with my composition I then start glueing each flower and other plants to the paper. Because I want to keep the colors of the flowers bright and not faded I have a high resolution giclee printed.  The flowers in this collage are Pink Bougainvillea and Blue Salivia. All flowers grow here on Sanibel Island, Florida.


Sanibel Bougainvillea is one of 10 giclee prints of this piece. The size is 11”x14” matted not framed. If you are interested in having a frame please contact me. If you are interested in the original pressed flower collage please contact me. The original pressed flowers will fade over time. They are still beautiful but not as vibrant as the giclee. 


Contact: Groovybowl@gmail.com or 239 677-8465

“Sanibel Bouganvillea”, Pressed Flower Collage by Marianne Ravenna

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