The print brings to mind a “blue hole” or a ocean whirlpool sweeping sea life in a never ending swirl. The image was inspired by a real blue hole on Long Island, the Bahama Islands, called Dean’s Blue Hole. It is magnificent, eerie and very unique and somewhat of a thrill to bathe in it.



  • 8x8x1 1/2 inches, signed limited edition fine art print


The original painting is available for sale here.

Swimming Into The Deep Blue, Print Signed limited edition Lalita Lyon Cofer

  • art of painting with paper...

    ​"I say I paint with paper, I use various media to paint and to stain transparent papers and then apply them to canvas. The spirit of place, my tropical home in Florida, the islands of the Caribbean, the ancient cities of Italy and the islands of Greece, all call to me to paint. Join me, as I journey & paint, view my colorful paintings, perhaps my images will speak to you of the special places and people that live in my heart..."