The Synchronized Swimmer series of paintings by Artist Marti Koehler is inspired by her time in the pool as a girl.   These quirky mixed media pieces are primarily created to bring laughter and levity to the viewer.  Joyful and paradoxical, the swimmers are depicted in a pool, poised above the water with cheeky charm while, in contrast, they churn below to stay afloat. 


In Synchronized Shenanigans, these giddy girls are taking a break from everything serious and are focused on fun. This giclee reproduction image is created by request and takes 2 weeks to produce. The print is available in your choice of three sizes, and will be on canvas with a depth of 1 ½ inches. This print will be wired and ready to hang.  If you would like an original artwork of swimmers please contact me to commission a piece!
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Synchronized Swimmer print on Canvas Marti Koehler “Synchronized Shenanigans”

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