"Trajectory" by Megan Kissinger.

Original Acrylic painting on a 24x48" gallery-wrapped canvas. 

This was made as a light-hearted study of how things move in water and
how curves and lines intersect differently above and below the surface
of water. A seabird dives below the water in an attempt to "flatten the
curve" and catch a fish for dinner. The flying fish have a bit of an
advantage over other types of fish in that they can leap out of the
water and glide to a safe social distance!


The painting comes to you wired and ready to hang.


For more information, email the artist at megan@megankissinger.com.


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"Trajectory" Original Acrylic Painting by Megan Kissinger

  • Free Shipping within the USA

  • Native Floridian Megan Kissinger is an acrylic painter. Her background in scientific illustration helps her to present the beauty and connectedness that she sees in every aspect of the natural universe, Her artistic passion drives her attempt to “make viewers aware of how everything in the world is connected in some way.” In order to show structure and design in nature, Kissinger's paintings get viewer up close an personal with plants and animals. Her compositions reveal her fascination with light and line. “I can get lost,” the fine artist admits, “in late afternoon and twilight shadows—sweeping and arching lines— and in scenes like the dappled light of oak hammocks and pine scrub.”