White Morphed Reddish Egret showing it's wings spread as it hunts for its meal. The translucence of the wings is amazing! This image is 20 x 30" on metal  gives great depth to the piece. Ready to hang 


Other mediums and sizes may be available by special order. i.e. metal, acrylic, canvas and prints. You can also send me a pic of your wall with the approximate size of the space you want to fill and I can put my artwork on YOUR wall so that you can see how it would look. Contact me at kathy9827@gmail.com if you'd like to do that! 

"Wingspread" Image on Metal by Kathryn Seguin Photography

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  • I first picked up my REAL Camera about 4 years ago and it has lead me to great new adventures! I love capturing images that show you  the world from my perspective, hence the name KSPHOTOPERSPECTIVES.