Sylvie Camps

The art work I create is the expression of my traditional French background, life experiences, love of nature and colors.  My work was developed without any art education or influence resulting in pieces that are unique. 


The evolution of technical skills used in my work started with mastering the Peyote Stitch, an art form originating from Native Americans Indians to embellish ceremonial objects.  I altered this stitch and included other innovative techniques in a way that creates a three dimensional canvas upon which and within are woven colors, shapes and textures in an open and airy fashion. 


This advanced art work is the result of over twenty years of learning and development.  It has been recognized at many levels:  pieces have been awarded in beading contests, used in catalog and magazine advertising, published in books such as: “Lark Books Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry”; and “The Best Projects from a Year of Bead&Button Book”.  But of course my most valued recognition is that of my loyal patrons.

At this time, Sylvie's work is only sold in our physical gallery location.