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Joan Roberts

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

“I paint fish, not just as fish, but my fish have substance, personality and character. A real life fish painting comes to life and is born. One of a kind to know and love. That is why I give them names.” Painter Joan Roberts

“For my customers who want a fish mirroring their friend, child, relative, I ask them to write about the person and send a photo. I need to know about their personality, character traits, likes or dislikes, disposition, qualities, and nature. Are they positive, joyful, crabby, intelligent, frank, cunning, mischievous, serious, what they do for a living and their interests or any other telling traits.”

“Angel fish: Is calm, cheerful and well adjusted. Everyone likes Angel because of her giving nature. She loves being with her friends. She knows how to listen and goes way beyond to be helpful when needed. She is wise and is very popular.”

“After combining the information about this person, I think first about the color of the fish, are they soft, bright, lots of different colors. The body shapes, are they detailed, are they active or passive. One of the most sensitive areas is the expression that reveals the inner thoughts and substance of that individual. I incorporate in my painting an inner sensitivity: lovable, freshness, playful, coy, assertive, confident, cheerful, and intelligent.”   

“Sidney fish: Is very bright and successful and can enter a business and quickly take charge. Very accomplished. He has a quick wit that can change any situation into a fun adventure. Others can’t help but like and respect him.”

Joan is a valued and long time member of the Tower Gallery and she displays a body of art work that is varied in highly textured oils with a richly colored palette.

Originally from the Chicago area, Joan recalls excelling in art class and at the young age of fifteen being encouraged by her teachers to join classes at The Art Institute of Chicago. She recalls signing up for a figure drawing class and finding herself unexpectedly confronted by nude models.

Joan is inspired by the French Impressionists painters, like Claude Monet. She finds inspiration to paint in vibrant colors and sometimes just sees something in everyday life and thinks it is magical. Her subjects vary from landscapes, figures of children, carousel ponies and everyday objects including her iconic “Pineapple” and character “Fish”.

Joan has studied and taken art classes all her life and she shares her skills and incomparable artistic eye by teaching painting classes in acrylic and oils in Lee County, Florida, both at Heron’s Glen and at the Cape Coral Arts Studio.

Joan’s paintings and FISH, both originals and signed fine art prints, are available for sale in our online shop. To learn more about Joan and to see more of her work click the link below:



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