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Kathryn Seguin Captures Nature's Beauty in Her Photographs

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Birds are a beautiful and deeply symbolic link between the human world and the spirit world.

Feathered creatures have been an inspiration to artists for eons, they often go unnoticed yet are such an important connection to our environment. Kathy Seguin's photographs are an elegant reminder of the importance and beauty of birds and botanical nature to the creative spirit.

Kathy's artistic skills bring nature to our immediate attention and enchant us with beauty that can often stay hidden.

"I love to photograph birds because when you get that great shot, you can see all the amazing detail and wonderful colorations that you really can't see with the naked eye."

Kathy has discovered how to take amazing photographs of birds in motion, capturing both the movement and wildness.

"My favorite subjects are birds and the nature around us. I love getting that up close and personal shot of a bird."

Her dynamic photographic images reveal Kathy's way of seeing - her perspective.

Kathy Seguin has been a resident of Fort Myers for 25 years, retiring here has been a gateway to creativity and artistic expression.

Kathy considers herself to be a self-taught photographer. Over the years Kathy has met many local photographers of different skill levels who were willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

"I have always loved wildlife photography and started several years ago with a bridge camera...then graduated to a Canon 7D Mark 11. Of course once I had the camera I had to have all the different lenses that enabled me to play with not only wildlife but macro, landscape and close ups!"

Kathy uses a variety of editing software to achieve the finished results on her photographic images.

"Editing is my happy place...I enjoy capturing the image and then deciding how I want to treat it."

Photography has a way of teaching people how to observe and remember, an important reminder of how we need to protect, restore and preserve the beautiful wetlands of Southwest Florida.

Kathy Seguin has been a valued artist and exhibiting member of the Tower Gallery artist cooperative for several years.



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