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“Sally Dutko says she paints with fabrics.”

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

She “auditions” textile fabrics, intuitively choosing from the infinite selections of brilliant colors, patterns and textures. Sometimes Sally paints on the fabrics, using bleach and dyes to create what she feels she needs for her project.

“Holding It All Together”

Sally begins by choosing a few fabrics as inspiration. She manipulates and moves the fabric pieces around sometimes adding items from nature such as small tree branches or shells.

A specific image is not in her mind when she begins the creative process. She allows the intuitive process to select fabrics and objects until the idea emerges and bit by bit, coming together and evolving until the fabric painting is created.

Sally grew up in central New York, near Rochester and her family supported her interest in the arts. She recalls being attracted to sewing at a very young age and making her first garment, a ruffled skirt at the age of five. Sally’s family encouraged her to study art as she was growing up by taking formal classes and lessons. After high school she chose to study art in New York City, having been enticed by the city’s many art museums and fine art galleries. She was accepted into the prestigious Cooper Union, the art and science college in Manhattan, an endeavor that she says was as a revelation and a great experience.

For thirty years Sally worked as a graphic designer and as the Director of Publications and Marketing for Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

In December of 2018, Sally was invited to be a Tower Gallery guest artist. She joined the Tower Gallery as a permanent member of the cooperative in January of 2019. Sally thinks of the Tower Gallery as her “happy place”.

Sally Dutko’s works are on view at the Tower Gallery on Sanibel Island, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Her works are also available for sale online, at the Tower Gallery web site:

In November of 2020, Sally will also be exhibiting her fabric works at the Dunham Family Gallery at Big Arts on Sanibel Island.



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