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Hand carved and cast bronze Mermaid pendant with verde patina sold on a brown leather cord.

2" x 1/2" pendant on 18" leather cord

Anisa Stewart - Bronze Mermaid Pendant

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  • Being born and raised and still residing in Southwest Florida, I am obviously and whole-heartedly in love with this area. And this area is what gives me great inspiration for the jewelry I do. Rolling waves, intense sunsets, incredible wildlife, sea life… how can you not be inspired! Not to mention having kids that love being on the water and watching them experience nature is in it self amazingly inspirational.

    I make all the jewelry with the lost wax casting method, which means I start off carving an original wax model that I then I put in high temp plaster mold, burn out the wax and then pour molten metal into the void. This process allows me to get great detail into the piece. I believe jewelry should be worn daily and for a lifetime, so when I make a piece, I keep that in mind making sure it is extremely comfortable and of substantial weight. Jewelry is a great way to express yourself. Let’s live life together in a Big, Bold, Funky and Fun way through great jewelry…I’ll make it and you wear it!

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