Family and Friends Painted as a Fish by Joan Roberts - Great Gifts

I gather information about a person adult or child and create a fish imaging that person. A great gift that is one of a kind. You send me information regarding their personality type, body type, hobbies, interests, occupation and any other factors that should be included and I will paint a 9.5" x 12.5" original acrylic image that is matted and fits into a 16x20 standard frame.

An example is "Fish Frank". If you look at Frank's image you can see that he has a determined, focused nature.  His thoughts are dynamic and perceptive.  He has the ability to observe and analyze situations that produces excellent decisions.  He has a slight smile which shows some soft witty humor. You can depend on Frank for help with making good decisions.


Another example is Sweet Chloe (second picture). If you look at her image you can see that she is attractive, gentle, and loving, with a soft nature. Her personality is patient and sympathetic and is a great help with any concerns or problems. What makes her special is her gentle charisma which is gracious and she is very sentimental. She is a outstanding friend.


As this is a custom-made painting, please allow up to two weeks before shipment.


CUSTOM-MADE Family and Friends Painted as a Fish by Joan Roberts - Great Gifts