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I made this one-of-a-kind painting especially for my solo show at the Captiva Yacht Club. It is a painting of three kayaks on the beach —two of them are white, and the middle one is yellow. A person looks to be preparing the yellow kayak for an adventure on the Gulf of Mexico.


18x28 framed watercolor painting, white matting, black frame

Shah Hadjebi - Captiva Kayaks 1

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    This item is made to order and hand signed. Please allow one week for shipping.

  • I am a full time watercolor artist residing on Sanibel Island. I come from a family of artists: fine artists, architects, interior designers, industrial designers, furniture desigers and more. Although I have been painting for the past 20 years or so, I started as a musician at a young age and continued until recently. I have toured, produced albums, performed in local venues for years but I have come to realize that painting is the most natural outlet for me. My subjects range from animals to still life and realism. My main goal is to bring some presence and mindfulness into this hectic world and to live a life where my inner and outer purpose are aligned.

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