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Christina Wyatt

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Not many of us know what we want to be when we grow up, for Christina Wyatt the path to painter was clear from an early age. Christina remembers drawing early and always, to the point of being reprimanded at school....

"As long as I can remember I always reached for my drawing pencils. My school teachers often complained that instead of listening to the lessons I was drawing pictures"

This led Christina to her education in art, achieving a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Fine Art

Christina has several styles in her painting repertoire, figurative, abstract and nature illustration

There is a romantic quality in Christina's figurative work that is reminiscent of the pre-Raphaelites.

Capturing the ethereal flowing of a mermaid's hair to the implied texture in the pearl necklace she wears as she floats beneath the sea, shows a creative, skillful handling of mood.

"I take refuge in the making of my art, it is my intention to create for the viewer a connection to that place, a sanctuary of peace"

Working on abstracts allows Christina a freedom from the extreme detail in her representational paintings. In Christina's abstracts she transforms the muted colors from her figurative work to vibrant hues that are striking. The use of charcoal with paint adds drama and movement to her work.

Her love of her garden where she spends free time, has evolved and changed as much as her artwork over these last 20 years. She loves listening to the sounds of the birds as she works in her studio.

Christina also has a talent for natural illustration, specifically birds. She renders a magical quality to swans, songbirds and rabbits lending a fabulist quality to realistic accuracy.

To see more of Christina's work click here.



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