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Kelly Morrison is drawn to color like a fish to water.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Kelly Morrison’s Art crawls, swims and flies into life, teasing the eyes with whimsical charm and brilliant color.

Fish with toothy come hither grins, gliding turtles, crawling crabby crabs, bright cheery suns sporting cool shades and coy mermaids create fun and colorful accents for the home. Kelly’s artful and joyful spirit celebrates her love of life and her colorful Southwest Florida home.

“I want people to smile when they see my art works”.

She forms “Timber Fish” creatures of the sea in “the Kelly way”, from “Timber” wood, adds vibrant paint then that magical accent in the eye to finish off. The fun creatures brighten up a nook, or walls just begging for color and a bit joy.

Blooms of every color, texture and apparition appear on Kelly’s striking canvases. Influenced by her love of the Florida climate and the gorgeous tropical surroundings, she paints joyful gardens full of blossoms and greenery. She abstracts her images creating a happy gestural mix of marks, circles, squares or random shapes that reflect the warmth and colors of Florida.

Her whimsical creatures cover beach bags, mini purses, pouches, disk earrings and a myriad of other items Kelly calls “Artful Essentials”.

Kelly began her love of the arts as a young child growing up in Ithaca, New York. Influenced by a passion for the arts and an aunt and uncle, both artists, who allowed her to explore and sometimes create in their large studio. Among her father’s many gifts was carpentry and watching him work formed her interest in working and shaping wood.

As a young girl at school she describes herself as “that kid who was always in the Art Room”, compelled to be there surrounded by the mystery of the arts and with the materials that she would learn to use to express her ideas and creativity. The “Impressionists” paintings and the art of Henri Matisse were an early influence and the beginning of years of exploration into expressing her own vision of line, textures, colors and shapes.

Jewel tones of stained glass enticed her to begin her art career when she was a young mother. Kelly made, sold and accepted stained glass commissions successfully for many years.

Kelly continued creating gorgeous stained glass after moving to Florida. She worked for Rob and Stuckey Design as a Design Assistant. She subsequently started a Faux Finishes business and she worked with many area designers, painting vistas and faux details for clients with exceptional homes. It was during this time that Kelly learned valuable lessons about how art pieces were incorporated into a home’s design by the home owner or the professional designer.

"Mark the Shark" Acrylic on wood w/ lampwork bead & aluminum $199

Art Works By Kelly is her current success where she has combined

her love of the sea and it’s creatures painted and formed of “Timber wood”, colorful jewelry, creating joyful abstract paintings.

Joining the Tower gallery the first time with her stained glass pieces in 1998, Kelly returned to the Tower Gallery in 2019 with her “Timber Fish”, her jewelry and her canvas art.

She is represented in the Southwest Florida area by a handful of galleries including the historic 1915 beach cottage of the Tower Gallery on Sanibel Island.

Kelly credits the Tower Gallery artists and the historic beach cottage with creating a special feeling and a happy home for art. She feels there is something dynamic about the synergy between the old cottage, the art on display and the artists. In her view the artists of the Tower Gallery come together in a cooperative spirit to help each other grow and share their love of art with the community.

Please mark your calendar for a SPECIAL SHOW at the Tower Gallery featuring Kelly’s idea for a “SQUARE FOOT SHOW”, $150.00 for all items 12x12 inches in various Tower Gallery Artists styles and media and will be showcased for an ongoing show beginning November 24, 2020.

The “SQUARE FOOT SHOW” items are specially priced at $150.00 at the Tower Gallery location and those “SQUARE FOOT SHOW” items that are sold online at will be priced at $150.00 plus $25.00 for the shipping.

Kelly’s art is on view at the Tower Gallery and for shopping online at



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