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"Life is a moving picture... Artist Carole Nastars

...of a series of one of a kind moments"

"It is what makes capturing those moments in my art continually exciting. My goal is to depict the calligraphic nature of a moment by using colorful brush strokes. The interpretation is enhanced by the viewers individual experience."

"I feel inspired when I get up in the morning and look forward to what my eyes will see and my mind will imagine. Colors, music, animals and the changing light throughout the day all trigger my art senses."

"I love the energy of laying out the painting, drawing with the brush, quickly placing what is to come...developing the composition with lights and darks, then a renewed excitement of refining while paying particular attention to the edges that define one space from another."

"Once finished I want to share the painting. It is an incredible feeling to create something, that wasn't there and know that the painting no longer belongs to me and is a record of my presence in the world."

Famous Painters from Modernists to Dutch Masters such as Oscar Kokoshka, Hans Hoffman, Rembrandt, Tolouse Lautrec and Wolf Kahn were artists whose works were an influence on Carole's development as a painter .

As a child of 6, Carole began her journey of discovery through the arts. Making drawings and paintings with only rudimentary supplies like paper and crayons, she and two girl friends held art shows in their neighborhood, going door to door inviting adults and children to visit their art exhibit for the price of a penny. Carole and her friends ingeniously devised a system of hanging the art on a clothesline strung between backyard trees. After the shows the young artists would spend their art show earnings, a pile of pennies to buy penny candy. The art shows were a feature of neighborhood life for many years and the three friends grew into serious and dedicated fine artists.

Carole was born in Schenectady, N.Y. and despite the lack of a tradition of art in the family, her parents were supportive of her love of art. She attended Rochester Institute of Technology, returning to Schenectady to teach art at all levels for 30 years. For the final eight years of her career she was the Art Supervisor for the school district. Her priority was always displaying student work and creating her own art.

Carole continued to study with two scholarship summers spent at Oxbow Summer School of Painting in Michigan and one at Skidmore College in Saratoga, New York. The summers of study were pivotal to the development of her art.

After moving to Florida in 1993, Carole was invited to join the Tower Gallery Artist Cooperative and she has been a contributing artist since then. "It is so meaningful to be among artists who keep developing, learning, and sharing their art. In this atmosphere one can't help but rising to the challenge of creating more and expanding one's thinking."

"Landscapes that combine real, remembered and imagined places and

playing with color to express a feeling about the painting is Carole's current focus along with her passion for painting pet portrait commissions. "It is a means of preserving an image of a loved pet that forever makes a person smile and remember."



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