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Mike Danley's Favorite color is PLAID!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Can you see the resemblance???

Mike spent over 40 years as a dental hygienist, mainly in Kansas City. Mike and his wife Debbie still return to Kansas City frequently to visit their children and grandchildren.

Over the years Mike has had many artistic endeavors. These include such things as puppetry, photography, illustrating and writing a dental comic strip, collecting and selling dental poster art and creating art from found objects.. 

Mike apprenticed with a professional puppeteer and formed a puppet troop called the Kansas City Critters. He’s a great fan of Jim Henson. Mike has performed at church events and is still performing at preschools.

Mike spent many years in the world of photography and from 2009-2015 he focused (no pun intended) on Florida photography.

In the early 90’s Mike developed a dental comic strip that was published in Dental journals and online. He has the largest selection of vintage and artistic dental poster art for sale in the world. Along the way, Mike acquired Doc Holliday’s dental chair which occupies a place of honor in his home.

In 2015 Mike founded Re-Psychoed which is art created from found objects. Tower Gallery, on Sanibel has a large selection of Mike’s work available for purchase.

Mike acquires his supplies at thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores and estate sales. His studio, (AKA garage), houses his parts department. He has thousands of pieces just waiting to be featured in his next work of art.

Mike says that of all of his ventures, Re-Pschyoed has been the most fun! He loves making people smile. 

Mike would love to create a piece just for you! Click here to see more of his work.  



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